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Robin Kares has been a teacher, a secretary and a fundraiser. She is now retired and spends her time volunteering at St. Thomas Clinic and serving as Senior Warden at St. Thomas. After spending 32 years together, she and her wife, Paula, were married by the priest at St. Thomas on the day that the courts allowed same-sex marriage. They will celebrate their 5th anniversary this year. Robin is a champion of Radical Welcome and is interested in Adult Education (especially confirmation) and liturgy. She has been on the Vestry since 2013, and is starting her fourth year as Senior Warden.

My name is Milly Kopecky and I am a retired RN and Hospice Chaplain. I was drawn to St. Thomas because of its open and compassionate theology.

I have been a member of St. Thomas since 2002. My husband Robert joined St. Thomas in 2003, the first church he had joined in over 40 years. We both felt at home the moment we walked through the doors, we were welcomed and made to feel we were loved and wanted, it was a good fit for us both. When I had health problems over the years, people brought food and called and sent cards. When I lost my husband in 2017 I was surrounded by love and support from the congregation and will always feel St. Thomas is my home. I have volunteered as Chaplain for the Clinic and I am currently serving on the Vestry.

Carol and her husband, Nick, live in Bargersville. They enjoy traveling and spending time with family and friends. Carol has worked in parish administration for the past fourteen years with the Christians, the Methodists, and now the Episcopalians. She has been at St. Thomas since May 2014. Carol refers to herself as the Church Lady.


  1. Gordon Simons

    I was trying to discover who the priest is at St. Thomas. I saw no comment about who leads the congregation. Who is the priest?

    • Carol MacMillan

      Sorry for the delayed response! We are in the process of hiring a new priest. Currently, two retired priests are leading worship on Sundays:

      The Very Rev. Robert Giannini
      The Rev. Canon Richard Halladay

      Both are wonderful priests and give spot-on wisdom in their sermons. Canon Halladay was a former pastor here at St. Thomas and knows the congregation well.

      We hope you will join us some Sunday soon! Introduce yourself to one of our ushers and let them know you are new.

      Peace & Blessings,
      Carol Macmillan
      Parish Administrator

  2. My Grandfather was born in England in the 1870s. I have his Bible and Salter dated 1875. I would be glad to give it to your Church if there is any interest.

    • Carol MacMillan

      I will pass your kind offer on to our Vestry Senior Warden and will be in touch.

      Blessings & peace,
      St. Thomas Franklin

      • Carol MacMillan

        Hi, Mike. I heard back from our Vestry members. If you would like to donate your grandfather’s Bible & Salter, we would be honored to put it in our library here at St. Thomas. Feel free to contact me during business hours: Monday-Friday at 317-535-8985.

        St. Thomas Episcopal Church

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