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Robin Kares – Senior Warden

Robin is serving her third term, but she served on the Vestry before in 2005. Robin was inspired to visit an Episcopal church by the consecration of Gene Robinson as Bishop. She was impressed by St. Thomas’ clinic, attracted to corporate prayer and became fully engaged when St. Thomas became a radically welcoming congregation. Robin is the Champion for Stewardship on the Vestry, where she hopes to help people find the joy in recognizing their spiritual gifts and using them to be God’s hands on earth. She also wants to help people find the joy of giving-on placing a high value on God’s gifts to them and giving back at the same level. Robin currently lives in New Whiteland, but she is originally from Indianapolis. She lived in Carbondale, Illinois for 8 years, and that is where she met her wife, Paula, almost 34 years ago. Robin is a newlywed; her and Paula married this past June. They currently have two cat children, Zoey and Gracie. Robin has an older brother who is a nuclear physicist. He has 2 children and about to become a grandfather to twins. Robin and Paula love nature. They like to be outside, particularly with access to birds and critters. Paula is a great nature photographer. They also love to read, and when they can, participate in Round Robins and other St. Thomas activities.


Jen Tullis – Clerk

This is Jen’s third year as a Vestry member. She came to St. Thomas in 2002, after attending a memorial mass for the 9/11victims. The hospitality of the congregation, neighbors and the feeling of “coming home” contributed to Jen’s return to church. Jen became a Vestry member because she felt the time was right and to learn about the workings of the church. She is the Communications Champion and even though her computer classes were years ago, she likes working on the church’s website. Her goals for her Vestry term are to enlarge St. Thomas’s internet presence with an updated website, Facebook and Twitter accounts. Jen lives in Franklin with her husband, Eric, and their two children, Joshua and Olivia. She and Eric lived in Indianapolis for a while before they bought a home in Franklin. She grew up on a farm in Clay City, Indiana, a little town south east of Terre Haute, with her parents and two brothers. She has 3 nieces and 1 nephew and an over abundance of cousins! Jen relaxes by reading, sewing, and making crafty things. She also likes to garden and go on dates with her neglected husband when the family isn’t hiking, fishing, or playing board/card games.


Danny Bachman – Junior Warden


Steve Faust


Judith Mullinix


Jim Phillips



Parish Administrator – Carol Macmillan

Carol and her husband, Nick, live in Bargersville. They have three grown children and five grandchildren. They enjoy traveling, and spending time with family and friends. Carol has worked in parish administration for the past twelve years with the Christians, the Methodists and now the Episcopalians. She has been at St. Thomas since May 2014. Carol refers to herself as the Church Lady.





  1. Gordon Simons

    I was trying to discover who the priest is at St. Thomas. I saw no comment about who leads the congregation. Who is the priest?

    • Carol MacMillan

      Sorry for the delayed response! We are in the process of hiring a new priest. Currently, two retired priests are leading worship on Sundays:

      The Very Rev. Robert Giannini
      The Rev. Canon Richard Halladay

      Both are wonderful priests and give spot-on wisdom in their sermons. Canon Halladay was a former pastor here at St. Thomas and knows the congregation well.

      We hope you will join us some Sunday soon! Introduce yourself to one of our ushers and let them know you are new.

      Peace & Blessings,
      Carol Macmillan
      Parish Administrator

  2. My Grandfather was born in England in the 1870s. I have his Bible and Salter dated 1875. I would be glad to give it to your Church if there is any interest.

    • Carol MacMillan

      I will pass your kind offer on to our Vestry Senior Warden and will be in touch.

      Blessings & peace,
      St. Thomas Franklin

      • Carol MacMillan

        Hi, Mike. I heard back from our Vestry members. If you would like to donate your grandfather’s Bible & Salter, we would be honored to put it in our library here at St. Thomas. Feel free to contact me during business hours: Monday-Friday at 317-535-8985.

        St. Thomas Episcopal Church

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