Christian Formation


Godly Play (3-6) and Youth Classes (7-18)

  • Sunday morning at 10 a.m.
  • Children will rejoin their parents for Holy Eucharist.


Adult Forum

  • TBA

St. Thomas wants to re-start the Journey to Adulthood programs. Interested? Contact the church at 317-535-8985.

  1. The first two years of the program is called RITE 13, a name that comes from a liturgical rite of passage we celebrate with young people around their 13th birthday. This rite is loosely based on the Jewish bar/bat mitzvah tradition and is a way for the entire congregation to celebrate the unique gifts and abilities of its young teens. The two years of Rite 13 focus on recognizing the gifts God has given us, celebrating our creative potential, and learning to interact as a community of faith.
  2. The second segment is J2A, an acronym for JOURNEY TO ADULTHOOD. It is a little confusing since the name of this segment has the same name as the entire program, but the reason for this is that the bulk of the work gets done in these two years, building on the foundation of the Rite 13 experience. During these years, teens learn and practice six basic skills of adulthood: active listening, negotiation, assertion, research & information management, partnership and leadership. The end of the second year of J2A is marked by the group designing and going on a Holy Pilgrimage.
  3. The last two years of the Journey to Adulthood program are referred to as YAC, which stands for YOUNG ADULTS IN CHURCH. YAC students are encouraged to accept more adult responsibilities and to contribute their time, talent and treasure in ways that support the ongoing work of the church. Teens write a personal credo of beliefs and rely on their trusted group of peers as they explore their faith more deeply and struggle with the details of transitioning from teenager to young adult in today’s world.

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