Search Committee

Elyssa Everling – co-chair

My name is Elyssa Everling and I am co-chair of the search committee. I have been a member of St. Thomas since 2010. I did not grow up in the Episcopal Church, but told by a college professor that I should give it a try. I quickly fell in love with the liturgy and its beauty. I love that no matter what Episcopal church I visit, I’m home.

I was drawn to St. Thomas, specifically, because of the its commitment to radical welcome. I love that no matter who comes through our doors, there is a place at the table for them. I have served on the Vestry in the past. I am currently a member of the Altar Guild and make communion bread. I strive to live a life by a set of ethics and morals and the Episcopal church at large, and St. Thomas helps guide me on that journey.

Teresa Voorhees – co-chair

My name is Teresa Voorhees and I am co-chair of the search committee. I have been a member of St. Thomas since 2010. I am not a cradle Episcopalian but have come to embrace the many wonderful aspects of this denomination. I had been a member of the vestry for three years in the past and volunteered at the St. Thomas Clinic as a social worker. Currently, I co-teach the youth class.

As a clinical social worker, I have found the values and traditions of the Episcopal church parallel with my professional ethics. I have seen first hand how vital the St. Thomas Clinic is for our community through my work at Johnson Memorial Hospital. I enjoy being a part of this wonderful parish and its loving people. It is my prayer that St. Thomas will soon have a priest that loves this parish as much as I do.

Danny Bachman

I first attended the Episcopal Church in 1985 when I moved in with my parents that adopted me. We attended Christ Church Cathedral in Indianapolis, where I was quite involved as an acolyte, youth programs, and several Strawberry Festivals. As an adult I continued to be involved in these and other activities.  I remained a member there from 1985-2007.  After Ashley and I got engaged, we settled on St. Thomas because of the smaller congregation size. We were married at St. Thomas in 2008.  Since being at St Thomas I have been active on the Buildings and Grounds Team mowing grass throughout the summer and assisting with other chores around the church. I have served 2 full 3-year terms on the Vestry and served as Junior Warden both times. 

When I’m not doing things with St. Thomas, I’m the proud father of 3 beautiful children Abigail 8, Ethan 6, and Olivia 3 months.  Abigail is in Girl Scouts and Plays Softball.  I’m involved in Scouting and assist my son Ethan’s Cub Scout Den.  I’ve been active and registered in Scouting for over 30 years, earning the Rank of Eagle Scout on November 18, 1993. During the warm months we spend vast amounts of time at the campground.  I look forward to seeing how St. Thomas will grow and continue to serve the community of Johnson County and neighboring counties with the calling of a new Rector. 

Marikay Kapke

Upon retirement and a move to Johnson County, I decided to attend St. Thomas Episcopal Church.  As a lifelong Episcopalian, I have  joined other Episcopal congregations, yet none as welcoming as St. Thomas.  Consequently, I have attended St Thomas for several years and have experienced a wonderful sense of belonging and community.

Professionally I taught high school English.  I taught Sunday School when my children were young. After retirement I returned to college and completed a major in photography.  While at St. Thomas I have served on the vestry and continue to serve on the Steering Committee for the Clinic.

Maggie Lewis

My name is Maggie Lewis and I have been a member of St. Thomas Episcopal Church since 2015. My fiancé (now husband) and I were looking for a church home and came upon St. Thomas Episcopal Church after I had heard about their outreach program, St. Thomas Clinic. We attended a church service and immediately fell in love with the people. The congregation at St. Thomas is one of a kind. They are committed to serving the community, encouraging spiritual growth, and are welcoming to all faith backgrounds. Since becoming a member of the St. Thomas, my husband and I exchanged wedding vows in the church and baptized our first child in the church. I also practice as a Physician Assistant volunteer in the St. Thomas Clinic one Saturday a month and I am a liturgical reader on Sundays. I enjoy being a part of this wonderful parish and I am hopeful through continual prayer and guidance, that we will soon find a priest that embodies St. Thomas old traditions and new beginnings.

Karen Smith

I have been attending St. Thomas since 1988 when my family moved to Greenwood from Fairfield, OH.  My husband, Eric, and  I were married at St. Thomas in 2000.  My husband, 2 sons, and I are active members of the parish. Over the years I’ve taught Godly Play, been an Altar Guild member, and a liturgical reader. I am currently serving for the second time on the Vestry. The people of St. Thomas are welcoming and caring and my hope is that the next rector of St. Thomas shares that sentiment as well.

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