Search Committee

Elyssa Everling – co-chair

Teresa Voorhees – co-chair

My name is Teresa Voorhees and I am co-chair of the search committee. I have been a member of St. Thomas since 2010. I am not a cradle Episcopalian but have come to embrace the many wonderful aspects of this denomination. I had been a member of the vestry for three years in the past and volunteered at the St. Thomas Clinic as a social worker. Currently, I co-teach the youth class.

As a clinical social worker, I have found the values and traditions of the Episcopal church parallel with my professional ethics. I have seen first hand how vital the St. Thomas Clinic is for our community through my work at Johnson Memorial Hospital. I enjoy being a part of this wonderful parish and its loving people. It is my prayer that St. Thomas will soon have a priest that loves this parish as much as I do.

Danny Bachman

Cynthia Dozier

I began attending the Episcopal Church 1998, and it was love at first sight. Although I wasn’t familiar with a liturgical service, the format was immediately a perfect fit for me. I’ve been a member of a number of different Episcopal churches over the years due to family relocations, so I can safely say that St. Thomas Episcopal Church is one of the best! The people here are warm and caring, and are truly committed to building a strong congregation and fostering personal spiritual strengths.

I have attended St. Thomas for a couple of years, and I’m currently a Vestry member and Junior Warden. I’m now semi-retired and working part-time. Prior to retirement, I had a 30-year career involving national security that required a high degree of project management and attention to detail. I am very happy to have an opportunity to use those skills as Junior Warden, and I look forward to long years of service and growth at St. Thomas.

Marikay Kapke

Maggie Lewis

Karen Smith

I have been attending St. Thomas since 1988 when my family moved to Greenwood from Fairfield, OH.  My husband, Eric, and  I were married here in 2000 and both of our boys were also baptized at St. Thomas.  I am currently serving for the second time on the Vestry. I am the Assistant Den Leader for my son’s Cub Scout Wolf Den and I am the Treasurer for my older son’s Boy Scout Troop.

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